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  • Building blocks of life:
    • Component of every cell in your body
    • Repair cells and broken tissue
    • Hair skin and nails are mostly made of protein
  • All foods made from meat, poultry, beans, eggs, soy products, nuts, and seeds
  • Try to get at least 8 ounces of cooked seafood per week
  • Your body does not store protein
  • Types
    • Whey
      • Most common protein, inexpensive
      • May cause gassiness and bloating
      • Use before / after training, as a snack, NOT at night
    • Casein
      • Slow digesting, up to 5 – 7 hours
      • Best taken at night before bed to help stay anabolic, can also use during the day to maintain a feeling of fullness. 
    • Whey Isolates
      • Fast absorbing.  More expensive. 
      • Great Pre and Post workout
      • Perfect for those on a low carb diet.  Most don’t contain high amounts of carbohydrates. 
    • Hydrolysate
      • Most expensive and highest anabolic affect. 
      • Easy on the digestive system
      • Can be used pre and post workout
    • Soy
      • Good source of protein for vegetarians.  Loaded with glutamine (helps with recovery), Arginine (blood vessel dilation), and BCAA (recovery)
      • Decreases cholesterol, boost thyroid hormone output
      • Use both pre and post workout, throughout day, and as snacks
      • Not preferred at night
    • Milk Isolate
      • Contains both casein and whey proteins.  Full of amino acids (similar to Soy), mostly used in blended protein source.
      • Not a preferred choice for anyone dieting or training hard
    • Egg Albumin
      • Great amino acids
      • Not usually purchased as a powder but in a container as liquid
      • Usually found in meal replacement shakes
  • Benefits
    • Speed recovery post exercise
    • Reduce muscle loss
    • Build lean muscle
    • Maintain healthy weight
    • Curb hunger

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